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Choosing the perfect door

Design Specialties’ doors are custom built specifically to the dimensions of your fireplace so you can be sure that your door will fit perfectly and look amazing. There are five easy steps to designing your perfect door:

1. Determine your type of fireplace - there are many types of fireplaces: masonry or factory built/prefabricated, direct vent, vent free and electric. Masonry fireplaces are built with brick or stone and usually have a chimney made of the same brick/stone. Factory built/prefabricated fireplaces are usually made from metal boxes and the chimney is usually faced with the same material as your house. Factory built fireplaces, also called “Zero Clearance” or “ZC” fireplaces, require an air exchange between the firebox and combustible materials used around the framing of the fireplace. Our ZC doors are designed to allow for the required airflow that keeps your prefab fireplace working correctly. Direct vent fireplaces have sealed ceramic glass in the front and are vented directly out the wall.

2. Choose your style of door - Design Specialties manufactures doors in both steel and aluminum. Our Forge Craft Series features laser cut steel doors for customers that want a more “traditional” or “old world” style. Our Fine Line doors are made from heavy gauge aluminum and offer sleek and minimal frame designs, perfect for today’s contemporary style.

3. Choose your door model - In the Forge Craft, choose from the classic style of the Carolina with its rugged steel construction and popular design options like arch doors and window pane. Or choose the Legend and its almost unlimited customization. Or let your unique style shine with one of our steel Premier designs. Our Fine Line series offers unique aluminum frame profiles that work with almost any style. Choose the exclusive “Cutback” option on the Silhouette, Stiletto or Shadow and get a minimal frame with maximum style. Or choose the Elite, with the smallest frame in industry. The Brookfield and Phoenix models are slightly larger frames than the Silhouette, Stiletto and Shadow but still offer the slim profile of all the Fine Line series doors.

4. Choose your finish - The Carolina is available in over 25 powder coat finishes that have been popular with thousands of customers. The Legend is available in all of our powder coat finishes and adds more options like Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique Copper and our exclusive “Hand Crafted” finishes. The Fine Line doors are available in 28 powder coat finishes and 3 anodized finishes including Satin Nickel and Satin Brass. Whether you prefer the classic look of “Ancient Age” or the bold style of “Copper Fire”, you’re sure to find the finish that works perfectly with your fireplace.

5. Choose your options - Add gate mesh doors or mesh curtain. Choose a handle that best fits your style or even add a matching tool set to complete your door.

Once you’ve created your door, our factory trained dealers can help you with measuring and ordering your door. And in a few short weeks, your dealer will come to your home to install your door and your fireplace will never have looked better!

To view any of our doors and schedule a consultation with one of our retailers, please locate your closest dealer.