People toasting wine in front of a fireplace. Fine Line Series Forge Craft Series Refresh Series
outdoor space with fireplace


DESIGN SPECIALTIES has a door to fit every fireplace. We provide the jewelry that makes your fireplace truly sparkle as the focal point of the room. Our doors are broken down into three distinct Series so that you can easily find the door that fits your style. See “Which Doors are Right for Me?” to get specific help on narrowing your choice to the correct Series for you.

Fine Line Series:
Custom built aluminum doors for masonry fireplaces; styles range from the classic lines of the Savannah and Brookfield to the slim, fine lines of the Shadow and Silhouette

Forge Craft Series:
Custom and standard size steel doors for masonry fireplaces; laser cut steel frames allow you to choose such options as arch doors or frames and unique door designs

Refresh Series:
Direct vent and circulating fireplaces are a great way to heat a room but they are limited in their selection of stylish doors and screens. The Refresh Series provides custom doors & screens that cover the entire ugly black metal and transform your fireplace with a style that is all your own. Choose from a variety of door & screen designs or create your own. And not only do they give your fireplace a complete makeover, they also provide an extra level of protection from the hot glass or metal of the fireplace. The Refresh series allows you to have the fireplace you�ve always wanted!

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